1, 2, 3…..Goal, Strategy, Action

For sale professionals everywhere

As a performance coach, I believe it’s my job to make the process of success simple. And as a sales professional, I also believe that you have the challenging job of DOING what it takes to produce results, so keeping the process of success as easy as possible for you is important, too. It’s with those beliefs in mind, that I offer this:

1. Set a Goal:Goal-Setting-Success

Be specific and give it number. If you are a manager, the store goal is YOUR goal. If you are a salesperson, the number represents what you intend to write this month. This number might be a % over last year or what you need to write to hit your income needs…whatever that number is, HAVE a number to focus on and to set your strategy toward achieving.

2. Create a Strategy:

What is your best approach to meet your goal? Do you have prospective business in the pipeline that you project to close this month? If so, do you have appointments set to close those quotes? When you calculate what is in the pipeline, how much of a gap is there between projected business and your goal….and what will you do to close that gap? Consider that you will have a sales stratimgresegy and a marketing strategy…. similar yet different, but having both will give you a platform for creating your action plan. 

And for those who are really committed to achieving goal, set your strategy 10% over your goal in order to assure that you  hit it. ; )

3. Build and Action Plan:

These actions, when executed, should have you hit your goal. The quantity and quality of these actions are what you will evaluate during and at the end of the month to determine if you are on track or not. Plan these actions on your calendar when they are best able to produce a result.

Simple, yes? I hope so.

And if you are still struggling with it, call me…877-663-9663.

Now, go sell something!




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