Starting and Finishing

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Today, I finished a sales training and coaching project with Sheely’s Furniture in North Lima, Ohio. They are a remarkable sales team, directed by a strong sales manager and lead by a formidable owner, Sherry Sheely…and it was a pleasure to work with them on this project (which was very successful, by the way!!).  Thank you, Sheely’s!!

Our final coaching call today was a follow up to our last meeting, which was a combination of Step 1: Preparing for Success and Step 7: Follow Up.

They are related steps. Step one opens up the interaction by putting goals in place, getting your head in the game, and having your tools ready and handy.  One of those tools is using technology (computer/table/phone) to set goals and to create a schedule with actions at particular times to produce results.  

imgres-1The other step (step 7) finishes up the interaction (whether or not a sale occurs) which includes thank you notes, follow up calls after delivery, follow up calls on unsold quotes – how to do them and when is the best time to do them – again, to produce results.

Since our last meeting, Paul, the sales manager, outfitted all of the iPads with the owner’s schedules so that they can customize them from there (awesome!). It allowed them to put in appointments and other sales related actions that need to be taken at specific times.  A GREAT start!  And the salespeople took actions to plan and execute. What was especially exciting were the follow up after delivery calls. Both salespeople had reluctantly done them before and now engaged in them with inquisitiveness and confidence. Results were knowing that the customers were very happy with they purchases AND that they created openings for new business by asking specific questions about what working and didn’t work in the room with the new items, and scheduled appointments to meet again.antique_telephones

If you look at calling after delivery as ‘opening a can of worms’, you won’t ever do it with fun and true engagement. If you go into the call LOOKING for opportunities, you will find them. A ‘good’ call is not just a customer who loves everything, but also a customer who still needs something but might not know it, or likes what they bought but doesn’t LOVE it because something is missing (that YOU can fill!!).  Consider that how YOU see the call is how the call will go, and look to make it go well be being prepared with ideas to add to their room and deep gratitude to express for what they already purchased from you.  And then just pick up the phone!!! 

So, prepare to be successful and follow up to ensure it.

And call if you get stuck: 877-663-9663.

Now, go sell something!




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