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shutterstock_62795851The end of the year is a time to begin thinking about starting anew with the coming year. It’s common to consider what you want the new year to bring that was missing this year. And what separates a goal from a wish or a New Year’s Resolution is the level of commitment and desire to accomplish it and the structures put in place to assure success.

This blog and the next two are a set – Goals, Strategy, Actions – because it’s the closed loop of the 3 subsets, the cohesiveness and completeness that make them work and work together.

When I set Goals, I use the SMART rule:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound.

means it’s not vague or ambiguous. It is clear what the goal is. When you use “better, more, less than, at least” in your goals, that indicates a lack of specificity and clarity.  “Lose weight” is not specific.”Lose 10 lbs” is specific.

Measurable means that you can count it. It’s incremental and tangible. Again, “lose 10 lbs” has a number in it that you can measure. An old performance adage is that you cannot improve what you can’t measure, and it’s true. In short, put a number in it.

Attainable means that you can achieve it. It’s not pie in the sky or
unrealistic. If you’re 5’2”, you can’t have a goal of being 5’10” by Christmas – no matter how much you try! 

Relevant means that it’s important to you. You desire it and are committed to it. It resonates with you as impo
rtant NOW. If your goals are lukewarm to you, it won’t have the oomph you need to challenge yourself to take action when you LEAST feel like it! And that’s when it matters the most. 

Time bound means that you have a “by when” date. You might want to check that this is also attainable and consider settingimages milestones along the way if the goal is several months long. 

If you have already written a Mission Statement / Purpose Statement of what you want your life to BE, these goals should align with that statement, be relevant to what is important and can happen at this particular time in your life.

For this week, set 1-3 Goals for 2016. You may consider AREAS of your life: Self/Personal, Financial, Business, Family/Friends, etc. And for each you can continue the process with Strategy for each and a set of Actions. So, get busy and I’ll see you next week. 

And of course, if you get stuck, call me at 877-663-9663 for a little nudge or assistance.

Now, go sell something!




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