For sales professionals everywhere

I hope you have written your Goals using the SMART technique and have Goals for yourself that are meaningful, inspiring, clearly spelled out, and have a time for completion. Yes?

The next step is Strategy: HOW are you going to do this? 

chess-strategyFor instance, in your Financial Goal, you set a $20,000 in savings goal for the year.  The Strategy might be to ‘pay yourself first’ and to ‘eliminate unnecessary spending.’ They are directions that might be ‘specifically vague’ as they articulate a perspective that will inform your action plan, rather than specific actions themselves.

For retail designers, you might have ‘design projects’ and ‘outreach / marketing’ as areas to drive your business this year. Salespeople might have ‘increase close ratio’ and ‘outreach’ for their strategies. Sale Managers might consider ‘on the floor coaching’ or ‘group training for self-sufficiency’ as strategies. The answer comes from really looking at how your business is driven now and how you can get more out of it in an area that you haven’t fully explored yet.Goals-538x218

You want your Strategy to be ‘sufficient’ for the goal you have; meaning, if you have a million dollar goal, have a million dollar strategy.

For this week, look to each of your Goals and consider how you need to think about this area differently. What’s missing? What are you resisting? And create a Strategy for EACH Goal.

If you get stuck, give me a holler at 877-663-9663.

Now, go sell something!




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