Keep on Learning

For everyone, everywhere.
If you’re reading this, you are likely to be an ‘expert’ on something related to sales – a business owner, sales specialist, sales manager, interior or product designer, a business consultant. You likely have an expeexpert-button_forweb-e1345329354880rt status to uphold. I am on my lunch break at a week long seminar I am attending on DISC.  This behavioral model is something I have been teaching for nearly 3 decades, and in that time I have expanded my knowledge, skill and experience with this material – and yet – I am here for further training and for certification.
What is the point, you may ask? My current skill set with this material is more than sufficient for my current usage. AND YET, there is more for me to learn so that I can be more accurate, efficient, re-energized, and certified, like any other area of expertise. My commitment to this area of competency in my work and in the work I create with others has me here learning and practicing and meeting others with the same commitment, with whom I can partner on product or service
It’s a new year. What are you already good at that is a fundamental area for you that can still be enhanced and improved? What do you want to learn to give yourself and your company a competitive edge or to offer your clients and customers another level of skill for their business? Pick something that moves you (or something you know you need to learn this year) and plan the time to learn it. Register if you have to, pay a deposit, put it on your calendar and plan around it. Consider what you will do with this new skill or knowledge that will help you to increase revenue or decrease expenses, to gain greater relevance or visibility with your target audience, or to pick up a new audience you want to explore or serve.
Let me know what you picked and what you want to get from it this year.
Now, go sell something.

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