January Goals…

For everyone, everywhere.

I just refined and completed writing out my goals for this year and my strategies to accomplish them. How are you doing with yours?
In the process, I also reviewed my 2015 Goals and what I achieved and what I missed.What I noticed was that the goals I didn’t convert to regular (and recurring) actions were not achieved. The goals that I didn’t have a burning desire to achieve were not achieved. The goals that were on the list because they sounded good at the time or I thought would impress someone else were not achieved. The goals that were not specific enough, and should have been strategies or visions for that channel, were unable to measure and not achieved. The goals that didn’t have a date for achievement were Goalsnot achieved.  This is very good news, as it aligns with what I say but clearly not what I did and can do something about by being more specific and creating specific actions on particular days.
Here’s what I am doing this week: Putting recurring actions on the days that I will likely do them. Putting dates on all my goals. Converting non-specific goals into strategies or visions, or making them more specific. Doing the math on the business and financial goals and correlating actions each week to make those happen.
I’ll let you know what happens. Want to join me?
Now, go sell something!


2 thoughts on “January Goals…

    • I am flying to Las Vegas on Sunday for Market and have my goals packed to review / amend on the flight. It’s an ongoing process…but it makes a huge difference! Thanks, Bill.

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