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What do you focus on? How do you weed through SO much information and choose what is most important to you?dating_weeding_a_garden

I’m listening to an NPR interview on this topic as I write a seminar for next week, book travel for next month, and outline a new project for sometime this quarter. WHAT?

I have very cool SONOS speakers that I could be listening to on Pandora right now, but instead I am listening to the radio, talk radio (instead of music) as I work. It’s the Fear of Missing Out. There is so much content and information out there that I don’t want to NOT know about. 

I have been writing about setting and revising goals (another thing on my list for today!) and that would include what to say ‘NO’ to so that I/we can say ‘YES’ to something more important. And as I schedule actions to achieve my goals, I notice myself being distracted by things that are much less important. And I know that’s why we set goals! But for someone like me (and maybe you), I think multi-tasking is acceptable. But it really isn’t. Because nothing gets my full attention when I do that. And I don’t give full attention to what’s important as defined by those actions manifesto-focusthat contribute to goal achievement – or emergency actions that I hope I have few of as a result of planning and preparing.

So, what’s the solution? I don’t know. What I do know is keeping my goals in front of me, putting actions on my calendar that relate to those goals, allow me to (in the moment!) say ‘No’ to things that just don’t matter. And know that I will miss something and I need to be okay with that. And I will manage my distractions by choosing to focus on what’s most important, not just what gets my attention.

I’d love to hear how you deal with this.

Now, go sell something.




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