Love Them…

For showroom sales teams everywhere.
In the 30 plus years that I have been working as a sales trainer in the home furnishings / interior design industries, the question I get asked the most – by junior and senior salespeople is: “What do I do about people who say they are ‘just browsing’?”
It’s such a complicated question. Shopping_348476kThere are so many things to do and not to do.
Some thoughts:
– How are you greeting them? Are you delighted to see them and does it show? Or are you indifferent, stiff, bothered to be interrupted from whatever you were doing, don’t want to ‘waste your time’ with another person who isn’t here to buy?  Whatever you DO when you greet them is a facade of how you are BEING when you step up to say hello. BE interested, happy, grateful, open, gracious, delighted to see them and let those ways infuse your actions.imgres
– Love them just as they are and as they are NOT. Love them. Yes. Loving them is all about your generosity and compassion. They are out of their element and in yours. They are uncomfortable, scared, unsure, resistant, and defensive; loving them will reduce their resistance, especially if it’s genuine. Liking them has something to do with THEIR actions, so it’s not about liking them, but about LOVING them.
Try those for now and let me know how they work for you. And yes, I know, I didn’t include anything that THEY should be doing differently, because there isn’t anything for your customer to do. It’s all on you. Have fun with it and with them.
Now, go sell something.

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