Are you willing to?..

For sales professionals, everywhere.
ConnectI have spent a lot of time teaching the ‘skill’ of Connecting, which is especially helpful in a showroom setting (whether trade or retail) or calling on accounts on the road.  Using the DISC behavioral model of identifying and adapting is very helpful, as is NLP voice and body match. Both are rapport building strategies that are very effective when practiced intentionally and consistently with a variety of people; they truly do become second nature. 002-ginger-rogers-theredlist.jpg
And they’re techniques, for sure. Some of the pushback I get about them is that they aren’t ‘genuine’…but I see it differently. I see that the ability to extend oneself beyond what is familiar and comfortable in order to dance the other person’s dance for their comfort, is highly authentic. Because it is based in ‘willingness’.
Being ‘willing’ is a powerful place to come from. Being willing informs our actions and it allows us to be open to new ideas and actions, to press on where we’ve not gone before, to just try. All of the rapport building skills are on top of willingness, but it’s the desire, the humanity, that connects us all.
My willingness allows me to be an example of what I want to see in the world I live in so that in turn, the people I serve can have that willingness in the world they serve.
Now, go sell something!

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