More on Connecting…

For sales professionals mostly, but really for everyone, everywhere.
Have I said how much I love this conversation? This step in the sales process? This opportunity between two people?
What amazes me is how much I learn every time I conduct this class, as there are so many rich and moving parts: Getting to Neutral, Identifying and Adapting to DISC, Voice and Body Match, placement in the showroom when you meet the customer, being open and present to the customer.
What I learned this week was a new level of understanding of authenticity and being open, and being a person talking to a person instead of a salesperson talking to a customer. When we put those roles ‘on’ ourselves and the other person, while they are accurate, they are dis-connectors. They have us adopt a certain way of listening and speaking that isn’t person to person, is unequal, is not a ‘human’ connection. For instance, the customer comes in the showroom and is agitated and unfocused, an untrained salesperson would go up to them, somewhere in the front of the showroom, and ‘do their greeting’,  a greeting that is not relevant to what is roman_sermon_basehappening in the customers life right now such as: ‘great shoes!’, or ‘gorgeous weather outside, what brings you in here today?’  Both fake and
impersonal and, well, lame. They show NO consideration or awareness of the other person’s state of mind. And they are both likely to produce a ‘I’m just browsing’ from the customer BECAUSE the greetings are insensitive on a personal level.
Better to just watch and wait, and say something real and personal and empathetic, like ‘I get a sense you have been shopping for longer than you wanted to…’ and see what happens!
Slow it down. Be open. Be real. Be interested and willing to help. How you are BEING screams loud and clear, so make it the message you want the customer to get.
Now, go sell something.

2 thoughts on “More on Connecting…

  1. Love this one Jody! Don’t know if you remember me- I was enrolled a seminar you have at Walter E. Smithe about 8 years ago and now have my own design business! What you offer the design community with regards to sales is truly wonderful and helpful. Cheers!

    • Thanks, Dean! Congratulations on your own design business….I hope it’s brisk and profitable…and FUN!!!! Keep in touch and thanks again, Jody

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