A Tale of Two Calls…

For ALL Sales Professionals….especially the timid ones.

I just completed 2 (actually 3) calls, and I had to tell you about them.
The first call was a coaching call with 2 salespeople. Both are not on track to meet their goal with 1/3 of the month in and are concerned as “traffic is down.” We discussed actions that could change the direction around, which included outreach calls.  They both said that they had been in touch with everyone in their pipeline (open quotes) and one customer came in and made a purchase. However, their pipelines were tapped imagesout as a source of new business for this month. I said let’s go back into ‘sold customers’ and since there is a dining room sale going on now, to call everyone who bought a dining set and suggest other dining room items – and to be specific (e.g: 54” buffet, regularly $3250 and at 15% off is $2765.) I got some grumbling in response and reminded them that their mortgage company would have no mercy for lack of traffic opportunities and that I am available to role play if they get stuck. They agreed to start calling today and make a number of calls per day to past/sold customers.
The phone rang as soon as I hung up; it was Mellanie from a local, parochial high school that I contribute to. She told me that they sent a donatglobal_324278132ion form for a theatrical event that I donated to last year and hadn’t heard from me yet. I asked her to send me an email and I would take care of it. She agreed and hung up. (At that point, I KNOW I have new blog material). The phone rings again and it’s Mellanie calling back. She said the forms for the event need to go to the printer on Monday and there wouldn’t be time to wait for my donation and asked if I could support another event instead. I howled with laughter and told her that she was going to be the heroine of my next blog, and proceeded to tell her about my last call and how I was going to blog about both of them.
Mellanie is clear that if she doesn’t get donations, the lights get turned off and kids don’t have school. She understands the pain resulting from no sales, the enormity of her role, her actions, and her results. At one point she said to me, “Can I tell you something? I hate to make money calls… but I am good at getting donations, and that’s why they have me do them.”
Love it. She’s uncomfortable, but still gets results.
And I dropped a check in the mail immediately. :)
Now, go pick up the phone and sell something!



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