It’s Just a Piece of the Puzzle…

For everyone, everywhere…

My sister rolled her eyes when I responded to her question to “tell me more about him” with “…well, he’s a Compliant….” Some of you might be rolling your eyes, too!

But it’s just a piece of the puzzle about who someone is and my experience of them. We will all say SOMETHING wDISC Piehen asked that question, and I responded with the first lens I often use to get to know someone: What is their DISC Style?

It keeps me from judging them (like/don’t like) and allows me to be generous and accepting of them. Might it put too fine a point on the process of getting connected and have me assume too much? Maybe. But given that I’m even asking that question keeps me open and curious about the other person.And it’s in that curiosity that I choose to further seek out who they are by inquiring more about their interests.


On a coaching call with Garrison’s last week, Siena (one of the newer salespeople) was telling me how she enjoys opening the connection with new customers now and how she finds herself ‘liking’ people she wouldn’t have liked before. And Greg, a senior salesperson, raised that as he CONSCIOUSLY engaged in DISC adapting behaviors, he has become more conscious of the other person in a deeper way and that he now notices hesitation, concern, discomfort, joy, which he never noticed in the past.
Good stuff!!! Keep playing with it and keep reaching passed what’s comfortable.

Now, go sell something!



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