Almost Finished with Connecting…

For all sales professionals

I am flying home from St Louis, reflecting on a very good trip with Kloss Furniture. They are such a fantastic, family owned and operated company, who are very committed to moving forward.
Today, our training was on Qualifying, which follows Connecting (more on Qualifying later…as if I could love anything as much as Connecting…yet I do). connect.jpgOnnie, one of the sale specialists, took me aside to say that this was the first time that she ever thought of the people coming through the door as ‘people’.  She always thought of them as customers – and rightly so. But seeing them as people allowed her to give them room for their ‘human-ness’- without judgment, without fear, without expectation – just let them be whoever they are, wherever they are in their buying process – and be patient and open to them. WOW. Those are the insights that blow me away. When people just understand other people. And understand themselves in the process. This is one of the reasons I do what I do — I get to experience someone growing and get to know themselves and others in a whole new way. Lucky me.
Now, go sell something.

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