A Picture is Worth…

For sales / design professionals
kate spain rug.jpg
On a coaching call this morning, Nancy at Sheely’s in Ohio brought an idea to the group that I thought was great!
The call was a follow up to the “Room Planning / Furniture Arrangement” session that we did a couple of weeks ago. I questioned the team about how they were using this new information to to sketch more rooms, offer relevant options– that sort of thing. Nancy said that she went on Pinterest and created boards for floor plans and arrangements for small, medium and large rooms.
Now, in addition to sketching the room with the customer, she is able to show options for arrangements that inspire her and her customers. She keeps them on her iPad where she can conveniently reference them to spark conversation and new ideas.
Got any new ideas of your own that you’d like to share? What’s working for you?
Now, go sell something.

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