Mea Culpa…

For everyone, everywhere…
I have had the pleasure of working with Wolfers Lighting in Boston for nearly 2 decades and we are currently conducting a sales training program for 10 new sales and service associates. With one exception, this group is comprised of Millennials; nine young professionals just starting their careers.
As an opinionated Baby Boomer in regards to the current generation, I have been delightfully surprised and impressed by this group thoughtful, engaged learners who have the ability to grasp the concept and the actions associated with the sales process and execution. They are able to role play without getting caught up in their resistance to it, and can actually articulate it as just resistance and discomfort.  They practice between sessions as agreed, have challenges and successes to discuss about their practice, and are respectful of the differences between us (age and experience, especially) beyond what I anticipated.
So I apologize. I was wrong in my judgment of this age group (and surely, we must acknowledge Wolfers success at recruiting such a good group!) and what I thought about their ‘entitlement and preciousness’ (I am sure I used those words to describe them universally).
Now, go sell something.
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