Mindset Matters…

For sales professionals, everywhere.
I just got off a coaching call with The Amish Craftsman team in Houston, who had an incredible month; one thumbs_F1100I-Amish-Office-Collections-17of the best May’s ever. Their close ratio jumped almost 10 points (that means closing 10 more people out of 100 – a HUGE, HUGE improvement), with a significant dip in traffic and a flat average sale.
So, how’d they do it?
I asked that too and here is what they said:
1. They believe everyone who walks in the door is there to BUY. They didn’t always think that way. As a result, they are spending more time with each customer (one advantage of less traffic) and staying with them to buy.
2. They are getting the customer more involved and using homework to keep connected, aiding customers in the buying process – either in the store or over the phone.
3. They are sketching with almost everyone, which is helping customers to close now —eliminating objections.
Simple. Straight forward. Committed. And they can own their results because they know how they were achieved and how they can repeat them.
Now, go sell something.
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