It’s What You DO That Matters…

For everyone, everywhere
Good intentions are just that – intentions. And they are not the same as actions. You can KNOW how to do something and not DO it and not produce a result, because results are produced by actions.
I was speaking with a new client recently and they were telling me of some of the ideas brought forth by their performance group – good ideas that generated NO new actions – I was confused. Why ask for input if you aren’t going to take action? Why not just tell people you aren’t going to do what they suggest so not to bother offering advice? Good ideas not acted on are frustrating for the person offering them and influence any future advice they might offer.
Better to have fewer intentions that get executed than lots of great ideas that feel good at the time but don’t go anywhere.
Now, go sell something … and take whatever actions you need to do that.
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2 thoughts on “It’s What You DO That Matters…

    • Thanks, Frances. Intentions DON’T change anything but your thoughts about yourself for having them…but they don’t produce an actual result in the world. Thanks for your comments and please keep reading and share with others!!! oxo

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