What do you need to know?

For retail sales professionals

By now you know my love of Connecting and Qualifying skills. And AS a sales professional, I am looking to improve those skills; to make their esticky note mind map with questions on a blackboardxecution simple for my customers and for the customers THEY serve. 

Let’s boil it down to what you really need to learn from the buyer — as finding out how, who and when they will buy is critical to when you will close the sale.

  • Wants?
    • What do they want to GET or AVOID that your product or service offers them? What is their emotional attachment to it?
  • Concerns?
    • What troubles them, scares them, stops them? This is an area that we usually want to stay clear of, thinking it will stop the sale. But the opposite actually happens. When you know what they struggle with in their decision making process you can help them and how they THINK about what they are doing and what they are about to do.
  • Problems to solve?
    • You sell solutions…not products. The product is the solution for something that ails the buyer and you need to learn what that is. What is going on that they got in the car and drove over in search of something they believe will help with what is troubling them?
  • Life event?
    • Is there one that is driving their action? Why now?

So, how much do you need to connect with your buyer so that you can ask the questions connectthat you need the answers to?

It’s not how much you know about your product or service that makes you a good sales professional. It’s how much you know about your customer and WHAT you know about your product or service that  resonates with THEM.

Now, go sell something!



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