Why pay more?

For sales professionals, everywhere.

I mostly work with clients who sell high end home furnishings products and services.  Along with that slice of the market comes specific questions from buyers that don’t occur as often as with selling commodities and promotionally priced merchandise. Buyers of high end / luxury goods need to understand what drives luxury customers and what needs to be in place for this customer to pay more for a product or service that they can pay LESS for elsewhere.

For now, let’s just look at the EXPERIENCE – of connecting and selecting, of purchasing and owning; it needs to be at a level that is commensurate with the price tag. The imgresexperience of engaging needs to be different from the average and better than online, the communication and inquiry need to be more sophisticated, more elegant, the listening skills and wading through how the buyer speaks and doesn’t speak is more complex. And to engage at this level takes practice on the part of the seller. Excellence requires practice.

The experience of ownership is not just about long term durability—it’s also about drawers that glide smoothly and don’t snag clothing, undersides of tabletops with a satin smooth finish, designs and craftsmanship that are thoughtful and innovative, pieces that stun you with their beauty when you walk in the room.

It may take analogy (e.g.,Whole Foods versus Kroger) to help customers understand why purchasing fine quality is worth the price paid; and for the seller to understand and deliver the total experience, not just the product that catches their attention and captures their heart— but what is important to EACH and EVERY customer. 

Now, go sell something!



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