Graciously Incredulous

For salespeople, everywhere.
What does THAT mean?
In the past couple of weeks, my sales training meetings and coaching sessions have included some element of Identifying ‘motivating factors’ and asking for a commitment. What that often includes is directing / encouraging the salesperson to be focused on finding out ‘why here? why now?’ and ‘what is the problem that the customer is dealing with that a new (bathroom, sofa, lighting) is the solution to?’
When you find the problem, you will know WHY they are here, and WHY they need/want to solve their problem now.problem-solution
When you find the solution and have asked the other qualifying questions and presented a solution that was compelling to them, they should respond with “yes.”
If they don’t respond with yes,  then SOMEONE, and by that I mean the salesperson, needs to be GRACIOUSLY INCREDULOUS that the customer is hesitating. They found a solution. Now. Today. I believe that the time to buy something is when you FIND it. And to believe anything less than that makes you (the salesperson) vulnerable to be sold on their reasons, excuses, objections to not buying now. And if you are bewildered by their NO and interested to find out what it means, and solve the NO as well as their problem, then you have a chance to try again and to get a commitment.
If you agree with them, then they sold you. And they will leave without a solution to their problem and with a disappointment that you will be unable to manage…because they will be gone.
Expect them to buy. Assume that they can. And assess whether or not they can do that now.
If they can, they should.
But, you gotta believe.
Now, go sell something.
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