Slow Down

For sale professionals, everywhere
What’s the rush?
In a ‘Transactional’ sale, a salesperson can get away with very little connection with the buyer, asking just a few qualifying questions, making a meager sales presentation, and either closing hard or not closing at all because the buyer’s desire to buy overcame any deficiencies of the salesperson. It happens all the time.
But in a ‘High Value’ sale (as Neal Rackham calls big ticket, several interactions to sell the product or service in Spin Selling), it requires just enough of a connection to be able to ask the questions the salesperson needs to ask to learn what they need to know to make a compelling presentation…so that the buyer is in a good position to say yes when asked to commit.
I watch salespeople rush through the Connecting Step, sail through the Qualifying step with the fewest of questions asked. So I want to know – what’s the rush?
– Are you rushing to get to the next opportunity without completing this one?
– Are you expecting a phone call or an incoming appointment?
– Are you impatient with the customer’s buying process?
– Are you not interested in getting to know them and what their problem is that you can
– Are you uncomfortable with strangers and asking questions to connect and learn more?
Do you know you are rushing?
Use their DISC style and voice/body match to set the pace. Make the interaction about them instead of about your own comfort, pace, interest level. Just try it and see what happens. Then let me know, because I am interested in helping you create a great experience for both of you.
Now, go sell something.
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