For everyone, everywhere…including me!
As an independent business person, I am challenged bRodneySmith2menonseesawy the balancing act of looking for new opportunities and ways to do business, staying focused on the things that I am good at and like to do, as well as the things that are profitable. I don’t have a ‘work/life balance’ issue, I have a work/work balance issue. AND even though I have a set of goals and objectives set for the year to keep me on task and focused, what I lack is the rigor to keep an eye on my action plan and the milestones that I set throughout the year of what to accomplish and by when. Without that I get ‘distracted by shiny objects’ – a new strategy, application, or possibility that hasn’t been vetted to determine if it’s worth the time and the effort to execute.
What are you challenged by when it comes to the structure and execution in your business? What distracts you and/or keeps you up at night?
Love to hear from you.
Now, go sell something!
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