What are you good at?

For sales professionals, everywhere
I have been meeting with sales teams a lot recently, asking lots of questions to analyze what’s working and what’s missing from their strategies; what has them hit or miss their targets with any regularity. It’s been helpful for me to frame the discussion simply as:
1. What are you good at and like to do?
2. What do you dislike doing, may not be great at, or don’t do?
3. What are the actions or structures that would fill the gap between those?
The first question is one that everyone LOVES to answer. They light up with what excites them and what they have a passion for. And it’s great when their answer aligns with their job description! :)
The second question opens up a different kind of answer. They hedge, shift in their seats, and you can feel the energy and the room temperature drop. Clearly, this is an uninspiring topic for discussion!
While I don’t expect that they know the single, best answer to the third question, I do expect and appreciate engagement in exploring what the possible options are to close the difference between love and hate, action and inaction.
Ask yourself and see what you come up with.
Now, go sell something.
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