Create Habits

For Sales Managers Everywhere

First of all, let me put something to rest: we will always need sales managers. Sales people will NEVER be able to completely manage themselves, until they 13224733-business-buying-and-selling-concept-business-man-mark-selling-and-buying-period-on-pricing-graphactually work for themselves, and even then…

I say this because I believe that many sales managers don’t really understand what their job is: a Sales Manager is meant to help their sales team close new business. Notice I said new. Sales managers need to manage some business that is already in the system but not GET LOST in managing business that is already closed – that is what a customer service person does.

And Sales Managers are meant to build habits with their sales teams—developing good selling skills, good time management skills, good enough operation skills, good product knowledge, very good marketing skills—so building-house-in-sunset-from-geek-philosopherthat the sales associates can be as independent as possible to do what they (should) do best: SELL.

To do that, the Sales Manager needs to BE the example of all of these skills and be good enough at them to direct and build these habits in their sales associates.

What habits are you working on with your sales team now?

What habits are you working on with yourself now?

It flows downhill.

BE the example you want them to follow.


Now, go help someone sell something.



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