SKETCH the Space

For Sales Managers Everywhere

I think we can all agree that if we looked at the metrics/results of what happens when a retail salesperson/designer sketches the space with a customer, the average sale goes up and the close ratio increases. We get that.

What we don’t get is why we aren’t sketching with 75% of the customers we work with.


For that I am going to look to the Sales Managers and what THEIR commitment is to sketching. And before anyone says that they are 100% committed, here are some actions to check in with and answer yes or no:

  1. Do you start the day with a huddle, remind them to sketch, and be sure that EVERYONE has their sketch pad with them?
  2. Do you carry graph paper and pencils with you as you walk around the floor and give them to ANYONE who is with a customer and NOT sketching? Not occasionally–daily.
  3. Do you keep graph paper and pencils stacked around the store—LOTS of them—and make sure they are stocked to be used?
  4. Do you have your salespeople bring their sketches to your one-on-one meetings to see how much info they are gathering? Do you coach from their sketches (or lack of them)?
  5. Do you ‘connect the dots’ in your conversations about sketching – referencing a sale that would not have happened without a sketch or a room that would not have been sold without a sketch because the customer ‘only wanted a chair’?
  6. Do you have some standard responses to common objections from the sales people about sketching? (It takes too long, they only wanted a chair, etc.)
  7. Do you create sketching contests?

Take these questions as a checklist for YOUR action plan to make sketching a priority in your locations. If they are sketching as a an individual, it’s about them. If they are all sketching as a team, it’s about YOU.

Now, go help them sketch and sell something.



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9 thoughts on “SKETCH the Space

  1. Jody, Love your comments regarding use of the sketch. Genuinely appreciate your continuing efforts to help sales consultants/designers.

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