The Goal IS the Goal

For sales professionals everywhere

Whatever the goal number is, that’s the number. Period. We don’t get to vote on it: “I don’t think it’s accurate /emergency-fund-target.jpg fair…”. We don’t get to make excuses for it: “We could make it if we had the right product or the right customers”. We don’t get to pretend it’s not real: “They didn’t really understand the market when they set that goal…”. We don’t get to ignore it: “What really matters is how great we are with our customers”.

What we DO get to do is create a relationship with the number and build a strategy for achievement. Worrying about the goal is not the same as a sense of urgency to achieve it. Someone much smarter than I said: “Without a plan, we live in hope and anxiety of achieving our goal”. YES. And if your goals is $1m, you won’t achieve it with a $500K strategy. bigstock-Team-Teamwork-Goals-Strategy-V-79940561-e1439238061616.jpg

Check your current strategy against the goal: do they line up? If you take THAT number of ACTIONS will you hit the target? If so, great. If not, readjust your plan of action. Identify the obstacles and create a strategy for overcoming them, rather than having them as an excuse or reason for not achieving goal, especially if they are consistent, frequent, numerous (like “Just Browsers”).

Really, it’s that simple. The challenge is our resistance to the number and what we make up about it.

Stop it. Breathe. Refocus.

Now, go sell something.



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