We’re in the home stretch…and there is still time for MORE.

For Sales Professionals, everywhere

The first third of the last quarter is coming to a close. You are either on track to make this month or you aren’t. Given that it’s the last quarter of the year, you don’t have much time left to make goal if you are far behind; but you can make up some distance and you still can pull it out if you are interested, no…url.jpgif you are COMMITTED to making goal, then this is the time to do MORE of what you need to do.

Let’s go back to some basics:
1. Opportunities / contacts: You need to SEE or TALK to or REACH more people than usual. That might mean making more outreach calls (for Christmas quick deliveries!), calling past clients to see what they need for the holidays, getting in early so that you can take more turns at the retail door, spending time more efficiently so that you can get back in retail rotation to see more people. And try this: BELIEVE that EVERY PROSPECT you talk to is going to buy and it’s up to you to figure out how that will happen.

2. Close more of your opportunities: You know me, sketching is the key to this. Ask the BADAS questions to determine if they CAN buy now, make a POWERFUL sales presentation in that you present the issue that is Want-What-Youre-Selling-FT.pngmotivating to them and manage any concerns that they have, and you ASK them to order. Ask MORE questions and ask MORE buyers to buy now.

3. Increase your average ticket: Like an old dog, here we go again: sketching makes this happen, too. Two ways to increase your average ticket: sell multiple items or sell more expensive items. The MORE room / project questions you ask, the MORE they will discover that they need without you telling them, and the MORE they will buy. Use financing with everyone and they can afford to do MORE now.

You can do this. And if you or your team need a pep talk to get riled up and get out there, call me.

Now, go sell something.

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