The Sixties

For everyone, everywhere
You might be thinking that this about Ron Howard’s new Beatle movie, or Adele’s cat eyes being reminiscent of Twiggy’s and it’s really neither. This is about the age, the time of life, the middle of the back nine.

I resisted turning 60 when it happened. Maybe it was because my mother died at 60 or because it was another big milestone birthday. And the birthday was a moment in time. Being IN my sixties is a different kind of place in time…one of freedom, confidence, peace….knowledge and wisdom…compassion and courage….

I might have had all of those in various amounts and combinations in my past, but they occur in abundance now. I just know more and I know what I don’t know, too. Peter Sallick of Waterworks said to me recently, “We just know things after being around for awhile” and it’s true…as is being willingly open to knew information and ways of doing things.  I am present and I am grateful…. and grateful for that awareness and engagement.

With less time in front of me than I have behind me, each moment is special to be savored. Yoga helps that. :)

Lean into wherever you are…it just keeps getting better.

Now, go sell something.
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