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I had a coaching call yesterday with a company with trade / retail showrooms. The topic was ‘Getting Commitments, so of course, we are discussing “Sell it or Schedule it” as the only two possible outcomes of a sales interaction and the challenges of getting either one. commitment-wordle
One of the showrooms has good traffic but a low close ratio.  And to remind you, close ratio is a performance measurement that measures your overall effectiveness (i.e.: how many opportunities you had and how many of those were closed.) It’s like a batting average. And if that number is low, there are a few places to look:
1. Did you make enough of a (business) connection so that you were able to ask the questions you need to ask?
2. Did you ASK whatever you need to know about them, their buying process, the problems they are looking to solve, their motivating factors for taking action now, and resistance or concerns they may have?
3. Did you make a powerful presentation that solved their problem, answered their concerns, and motivated them to take action NOW?
4. Did you manage any concerns they raised so that you were able to keep the process moving forward to a close?
5. Did you ask for commitment to order NOW or to make an appointment NOW to forward the sale TOMORROW?
When I posed these questions to the team and asked them to look at their own performance and where, in these key points, they might be losing ground and losing the sale they asked me: how they would know? And, as you can imagine, I returned that question: How WOULD you know where in the process you begin to fail? And one of them answered – where we become uncomfortable, where it’s hard to take the action needed and then, what we DO and what we TELL OURSELVES about not taking the necessary action. And, of course, it’s where DISCOMFORT is.
It was an amazing conversation – managing the DISCOMFORT of the conversation as they looked at where discomfort arises for them in their selling process and what they do in response: shut down, deny it’s happening, diminish its importance, distract to something less important….any of those and likely many more.
My role often is ‘helping you to create a new relationship to discomfort’, because without a relationship to that feeling and what it triggers, we will keep having the same response to it and keep producing the same results. So, take a look:
Where in your sales process are you uncomfortable?
What do you DO in response to that discomfort?
It’s a GREAT conversation. If you want more of it, call me.
Now, go sell something.
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