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So, today I was very proud of myself as I sat down to work and with hubris reviewed dream-big-set-goals-take-action-300x256-1.pngthe Goals that I completed yesterday: framed, in front of my face, positioned on my desk, so as to not be missed, and to be used to set my weekly plans. And then it happened…
The problem wasn’t the Goals that I had written or the Plans for Achievement that I set. The problem was that the Goals were too LOW. And it was via a conversation with my marketing associate, Kate Levin, that I discovered this.
As we talked about next year (with confidence from my side of the phone of what we’re out to create) I soon saw the error of my ways…to achieve what I ultimately wanted (still work quite a lot, travel a bit less, make it easy for my customers and clients to access me and to say ‘Yes!’) I was thinking too small. As Kate pointed out, we should be operating on a 3-5 year plan with next yeaimagesr being an installment of that, rather than the whole plan – which was an accurate assessment. And now it’s back to the drawing board – with a higher goal for next year, and set goals for years 2 and 3. THEN, plans for the immediate year and those that follow that align with what we are out to accomplish. She also added that I need to look at new ways of doing things so that I don’t get stale or deliver stale material – either the content, delivery or both.
Just. Like. You.
So, take a look at the goals you have written already: Are they BIG enough? Are you playing a small and comfortable game, cozy in the thought that you have written goals at all?! (I am smiling, knowingly, on that one). We all need a push and I got one today. I hope this pushes you to something bigger, scarier, more challenging, with lots of unknowns to make you THINK and stretch.
And, of course, if you need help, CALL.
Now, go sell something.
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