“Is this gonna fly?”

For retail and trade salespeople, everywhere

I just got off a coaching call with Daniel Duplechien of Waterworks in Atlanta, 581c9edfa3bf2Highgate_985x430.jpgwhere he wears both sales and sales manager hats. We were discussing when and where sales go south and leave us surprised, since we expected to close it – and maybe to close it NOW. We reviewed a recent project where he had asked about the budget and gotten a response from the designer that what they put together would fly with the homeowner (with a very big price tag)…except that it didn’t.  So, I asked if I could delve a little deeper to see where it was lost, as there is almost always a place where a shift occurs, even if we don’t know about it.

I offered that a couple of things:

  1. Were all the B-A-D-A-S Questions answered fully? Really fully? Did you discuss money intermittently, such as “Have you presented this to your client? And are they good with the price range that we are in? Or do we need to amend something?”  REALLY listen to the answers. Was there a place that was less than fully answered that was stepped over?
  2. Was there some sort of commitment/declaration early on that could be referred to later? One that provided the ‘context’ for what you needed to know, such as:

“I am committed to help you select products that your client will say YES to. To do that, I am going to ask you a lot of questions.  And one of this is ‘Is this gonna fly? Will imgres.jpgyour client accept this price?’”

I know that these are often tough conversations to have and questions to ask. And we will have them with consistency when the discomfort of not closing quotes and orders exceeds the discomfort of asking and getting commitment along the way…and not a moment sooner. So, check in – with objectivity – to review the sales you didn’t get. Was there a point when you asked yourself “Is this gonna fly?” and then either asked the customer or the designer – and waited patiently (silent and still) for a response…didn’t ask, and regretted it later?

If you get stuck or are intrigued by digging deeper into this conversation, give me a call at 877-663-9663.

Now, go sell something.



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