Finish Strong to Start Strong

For Sales and Sales Management Professionals everywhere…

It really isn’t over until it’s over. With just a couple of days left in the year, there is still an opportunity to pull ‘something’ out.

You are in one of a few places:

  1. You already hit all your major and minor targets.

Congratulations. Your intention was strong, your strategy was sufficient for the targets you set, and you were in action when it made the most difference. Do it again next year. Stretch yourself and do your best to hit your major targets by the end of November, so that you can spend time in December planning your next year. And again, congratulations. multiple-targets

  1. You are on track to make your major targets.

Good work. You focused on the biggest areas of accomplishment and hit those goals. You might have had to choose major over minor goals this year, as your current structure (time management / organization) was insufficient for you to hit both major and minor. You can change that for next year.

  1. You will make minor targets but miss the big ones.

Hitting targets might be a new phenomenon for you. It might be new to align your actions with what you want to accomplish and do what you set out to do, and to have a time management process that supports those actions. Take a step back into a place of objectivity and honestly survey what you did that worked and what didn’t work. Repeat the former and eliminate the latter. And have your goals ready before January url.jpg1st so that you are prepared to ACT when the new calendar turns.

  1. You will miss minor and major targets.

There may have been lots of reasons that you missed both the major and minor targets, and I trust that you’ve learned something from the year that will bolster your reserve for the new year. First, eliminate any excuses…the facts are the facts. Pick reasonable but challenging targets for next year, and identify the actions that will make you achieve your goals, ESPECIALLY the actions that make you uncomfortable. I suggest that you review this strategy with someone objective and committed to your success; someone who has experience in achieving goals with some consistency. And be coachable to whatever they offer you, including regular meetings to see how you are doing and keep you on track. This will be the year for you…don’t stop. Keep going.

Because it’s still not over until it’s over; and to make target when you are behind takes MORE effort, tenacity, clarity in communication, creativity and down right ACTION to achieve it. AND it’s still possible. So, rather than give up and hope for the best next year, take this opportunity to learn a new “Come from Behind” strategy…I promise you, you will need it again sometime in the future.

If you get stuck, call me 877-663-9663.

Here’s to finishing strong.

Now, go sell something.



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