Every New Year Gives You a Good Place to Start Over

I am organizing myself for a new year with new challenges. I met with Kate, my social media and marketing associate, and discussed what I want the New Year to bring and how we will do that. It also expanded her role as my collaborator, executor, ‘nudge’, and truth-teller. I am grateful for her partnership.

As you look to 2017, what do you want? At the end of next year, what do you want to have done, accomplished, eliminated, transformed? Dece240_F_126337964_jtFEO5oOqITLLOqWLBqLMXMTI2mc3lhc.jpgmber is a wonderful month for this exploration. For retail associates, it’s often a slow month and a busy installation and delivery month, so we tend to focus on completing sales rather than writing new ones. Owners and sales managers begin new setting targets as the current target period comes to a close – having been exceeded, met, just missed or missed by a mile. I missed a few this year, but I made many more than I missed. My goal sheet begins with: my purpose, my core values, and what I can be counted on for – so that it informs what I focus on for the year. My goals include: personal goals, financial goals (which include property owner), and business goals – as an owner, salesperson, creator, and speaker/coach. I am revisiting the goals I missed this year to see what happened: no real commitment to achievement? Insufficient strategy? Strategy not acted upon? Actions not well executed? The pattern I see is the lack of a sufficient strategy and inaction. The ones I acted upon, I achieved. And those I didn’t achieve are back on for next year with new actions…plus a few goals that I was afraid to put on last year. I am also adding ‘support’ for those I am revisiting, as I believe I need that in addition to my own actions and as part of my commitment to achieve them. I also looked at (and am encouraging others to do the same) ‘making goals’ by the end of November, so that I am not struggling in December to hit my yearly target when I need to start focusing on the New Year.

How will you construct your goals? Articulate your goals as RESULTS, and your plans 2fa301b6264ef76f5b38b7ee54d4af20as ACTIONS. The S-M-A-R-T  technique has always worked for me and my clients. S=Specific: make them clear and unambiguous. M=measurable: be able to count them with a number or percentage. A=Attainable: make them challenging but achievable. R=Relevant: make goals matter to you. T=Time bound: put a ‘by when’ date on them. You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to achieve them! And consider quarterly plans of action to move them along. I keep mine in a frame in front of me on my desk and cross them off when I complete them. I LOVE to see those lines sliced through and filling the page! Good luck with yours. Start now to consider what you want and start writing them down.

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