Are you ready?

For sales professionals, everywhere…

Are you psyched about the new year?
Do you have a clear set of targets to hit? Really clear? Measurable and reachable, even if it’s a stretch for you?target

Do you have a game plan that aligns with those targets, or do you need to add a few more actions in order to reliably and consistently hit your goals?

When I was walking my dog Roxie this morning, I was thinking about my goals and game plan, and some adjustments I need to make. I thought I was finished, but not quite.

I hadn’t put any contingencies in place; contingencies that would have helped me hit minor 2016 targets…which led me to rethink some of my major goals for the new year.

I think a game plan is an active document and engagement. My challenge is to know when I am second guessing myself or making decisions out of fear or uncertainty versus reevaluating based on logic, insight, or new information.

Are you ready?! Let’s do this together. Let’s make 2017 a breakthrough year. Let’s put some nagging things behind us (either achieve/overcome them or let them go). I welcome your strategies and best practices, and would love to hear how you are doing with your progress this year.

Thank you for your partnership and loyalty.

Now, let’s go sell something!
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