Groan = Opportunity

For sales professionals, everywhere.


Yes. Consider this: whenever there is an ‘arrrrrghhhhhh’ response to something, there is an identified lack of power, acceptance, skill, understanding…something!…that has that situation resonate as BAD. For example, all I have to do with a group of salespeople is ask “What about those customers who come into the showroom on their cell phones?” Automatic groan. It’s almost too easy.

What it indicates is a lack of skill and understanding on how to manage that interaction effectively. Nothing is WRONG with a customer coming into the showroom on their rude-cell-phonephone. NOTHING. And nothing is WRONG with a salesperson having an exasperated or frustrated response. NOTHING.Yet, unless the salesperson perceives this as a common, unchanging occurrence – one that they are powerless against unless they modify their behavior – NOTHING will change. The customer will not have a great first impression and the salesperson will become firmly entrenched in their opinion that these customers on their phones are jerks (or worse) and seek further evidence to support that opinion. So, NOTHING will move and NOTHING will improve. And NOTHING will come from this opportunity to create something great with a customer or to learn something new.

Where are your growls? What are the interactions that trigger a groan for you?

And where is the opportunity to: change your perspective, create a new response, reach out and ask for help, add love and humor, or do something a new way?

If you need help, ask (which might be one of those new things!!!) me. 877-663-9663.

Now, go sell something!



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