Minimize the Compromise

For sales professionals, everywhere.

I am often asked how to manage the interaction between spouses or decision makers; how to work with them together to come to a positive result (the sale).
To do that, we need to be prepared, and ENCOURAGE the discussion about differences —where they part ways about what is important to each of them, including where they may disagree.

The best way to do that is to incorporate differences early in the qualifying process, as one of the many questions you ask to determine where they are in the buying process (including what they have already discussed and agreed to) and what their individualimgres and collective motivations are.

What is the primary problem they are trying to address and solve? What have they already tried? Where are they in sync? Where are they different? And especially, what are the 3 most important elements for each of them?

When you ask these questions, you are able to set values to each of their answers in terms of importance. I personally like to ask “On a scale of 1-10, how important is this to you?”. Being direct about differences allows you to find similarities. Your goal is to clarify what they can agree upon and minimize differences between them. For them to make a decision, everything doesn’t need to be a 10; one of them might be fine with a 7, because that element is just not that important to them. As a process, this will help compromise become more palatable and help them feel as though they are not ‘settling for less’ because it’s part of a larger picture where their most important elements have been realized.

Try it and let me know what happens. And if you get stuck, call me 877-663-9663.

Now, go sell something!!!


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