Get Organized!

For sales professionals, everywhere.
I know it may seem kind of boring to spend time planning and organizing your week ahead of time. It may seem more interesting and exciting to just ‘see how things go’ or to ‘do the best I can’, rather than taking the time to sit down and ask yourself: “What am I committed to doing and accomplishing this week?” and then scheduling those actions into your calendar.planning

If you are in sales, there are recurring activities that you must do each week. Those can go on you calendar as that – recurring activities that happen at a particular time each week, because that is the best time to execute that action to produce a result. Use the ‘repeat’ function on your computer to do this and customize it weekly. As a salesperson, you have both sales and marketing actions to execute each week, such as networking, prospecting, outreach calls, appointments to prospect, appointments to present, appointments to close, follow up on sold orders, etc. These can be put in 2 hour blocks of time, each day of each week, making your weekly scheduling much easier and your daily activity list full of actions that will either produce opportunities to sell or produce sales. You don’t need to sacrifice creativity or individuality to get organized. The only way to consistently produce results is with consistent actions, and planning is one of those actions, especially for actions you don’t like to do. Try it for a month, just one month, and see if you are not only more productive but also more satisfied with the results.
And if you struggle with doing this, give me a call and I will help you.

Now, go sell something.



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