Get a Commitment

For sales professionals, everywhere….especially trade showroom salespeople.

I get my blog ideas from observations and articles, but mostly from coaching calls. The conversations that take place in that space are open, engaging, exploratory, and create fodder for ideas, as they are usually conversations that address areas that are either not working, or not working as well as they can.

Intentions670X400.jpgOne of the areas that I am noticing a lot lately are ‘intentions of the interaction.’ 
What I mean by that is, “What’s the point?” If you are in a selling conversation, are you looking to: Get a Quote? Get a Sale? Get an Appointment? one of those needs to be the point of the interaction. 

If it’s a Quote, ask for it with an Appointment to follow up on the quote. ADD to the quote with other lines of business that are needed on the project but may not have been discussed yet. If it’s a Sale, ask for it. Be armed with 1-2 of your favorite closing questions, such as “Did you want to use a credit card for the deposit or would you rather write a check?” If it’s an Appointment, ask for it.“I have 1:30 on Wednesday or 2:00 on Thursdaywhich would you prefer?” Even if you are at the quoting point in the process, set up an appointment to review; amend or add to the quote so that you don’t find yourself chasing quotes and then chasing checks.
Thank you all for your coaching calls and for our partnerships. They are magnificent while they are happening and linger afterwards.

Now go sell something!


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