Intuitive Selling

For sales professionals, all of  them.

full.jpgI watched InnSæi – The Power of Intuition, today, an Icelandic documentary about intuition and right brain influence on our communications and our connections with others. And, as someone who spends an inordinate amount of sales training time teaching how to connect with others via DISC — voice and body match, questioning skills, etc. —this gave me yet another perspective on the importance of being present when selling and the value of connection.

My sale process (“Sell it or Schedule it”™) has a lot of moving parts in order to create the magic that building rapport with another human being requires. That includes “Getting to Neutral” with the breath as the vehicle to reboot, as well as being still and ‘empty’ before any interaction can begin. The primary interaction is with yourself; a peaceful and present self who, when centered, has earned the right to begin the connection with another person. Good and consistent sellers are intuitive. They are present to themselves, as sensitive yet naturally reaurl.pngctive creatures…reactiveness that needs to be managed. They are connected to others through their compassion, generosity, ability to listen patiently, and openness — openness to nuance and subtlety that is not available when one has a ‘racing mind’.

As we increase our ‘selling skills’, let’s remember that our personal connecting skills are keys to our professional growth. So, breathe and be present to the breath, and when you first meet someone, take a few moments to be present for the other person and get a sense of them, their energy and ‘where they are’, right now, in real time.

Now, go meet someone.

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