Lead with the Objection

For sales professionals, everywhere

As I have shared before, so many of my blogs come out of coaching calls and the issues that are raised during them. One of my latest favorites is “Yes, but….what if…..then what do I do?” Fill in the blanks to include: “Designers who don’t want to see a trade vendor,” “customers who are on their cell phones when they walk into the showroom,”  “the challenging competition,” etc. Whatever the objection, if you hear it enough, start to LEAD with it instead of waiting to hear it and respond.

For example, if you are a trade showroom salesperson and you want to make an lead_960.jpgappointment to see a designer who doesn’t usually see vendors in her/his office, say: “I know you don’t usually see vendors in your office, and I have a fascinating new collection that you MUST see. Would you rather come to my showroom, or have me visit your office for about 20 minutes…which would you prefer?”

Let me identify what this question contains:
1. YOU bring up the objection first to open the conversation and set the context for the options you will offer. It’s difficult (but not impossible) for them to raise it again later.
2. YOU identify something that you want them to know about that is of value to THEM.
3. YOU offer an ‘alternative close’ commitment option: you to come to them or have them to come to you. The choice is to see you or to see you. This type of commitment question is comfortable for buyers and sellers. TRY IT.

Look at the objections you commonly hear – how can you LEAD with them and make them the reason for the other person to act instead of the reason NOT to act?
And it does not have to work 100% of the time to be effective the majority of the time.

If you get stuck or want someone to practice with, call me. 877-663-9663.

Now, go sell something.
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