Planning Time with Dollar Producing Activities

For trade sales professionals, everywhere.

Similar to “Countdown!”, I have created another ‘table’ that serves as an example of how to organize your week to do outreach activities consistently and with the frequency needed to produce results. It is based on a technological calendar (versus paper) because it gives you the opportunity to move the ‘blocks of time’ to when the event actually happened, so that each week you can become more accurate at planning your time.

You will notice that the opening actions each day are outreach calls—either to close quotes in the system or to connect with high value clients — followed by a meeting with the manager or admin to formulate the ‘big rocks and hot potatoes’ for the day. Only after those happen, do emails get opened, as it is easy to get lost in emails and never do the outreach actions that need to happen. The intention is to make outreach calls (actual phone calls or texts) when you are most able to reach someone, which is usually at the beginning or the end of the workday.

Monday Tuesday – Marketing Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 Outreach calls Outreach calls Outreach calls Outreach calls
9:00    Close quotes Appt:     Call Top 10      Close quotes      Call Top 10
9:30 Sales mgr/admin Sales mgr/admin Sales mgr/admin Sales mgr/admin
10:00 Emails Emails Emails Emails
10:30 Appt:
11:30 Floor time Appt follow up   Outreach calls Floor time
12:00 Appt:    Make appts
1:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00    Marketing Appt: Floor time   Outreach calls    Outreach calls
2:30       emails   Close quotes
3:30 Confirm Appts for tomorrow Appt: Emails Emails
4:00 Prep for appts    Outreach calls
4:30  Outreach calls   Outreach calls    Make appts.
5:00 Outreach calls    Make appts    New business Plan next week
5:30   Close quotes

Use the ‘recurring activity’ or ‘repeat’ function on your calendar, and customize each block of time with the client/customer/prospect you need to see this week. And you will also notice that planning the next week is the last activity before the weeks ends, so that you begin each week IN ACTION, not spending another hour or so planning when you should be dialing.

Please let me know how this works for you …or if you need help with the structure, give me a call. 877-663-9663.

Now, go sell something.



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