You Gotta Ask for It!

For sales professionals, everywhere

I had a great customer experience last week. I arrived at my hotel at around 11:00 am, not a customary check in time, and when I got to the desk I was asked if I was checking in or checking out. I replied that I was checking in and the clerk began that process. She introduced me to the bellman and said he could take my bags until my room was ready and to help myself to yogurt and granola that was offered in a small alcove inCan I ask you a question the lobby. I sat and watched as she checked guests out and in and two gentlemen were greeted by name and welcomed back to the hotel. When my room was ready and she completed my check in, I asked how many guests were return guests, she said “About 80%”…which would have surprised me had I not seen the interactions that she and the bellman created with each person.

The rest of my stay was just fine, and when I checked out, she gave me a card with a Yelp url and her name on it and said “I hope that you will return and if you have a moment, would you tell us how we did?” When I went to the site, there were LOTS of happy comments with her name in them; most with similar experiences to mine. To think that people will just refer without asking them to take action is foolish. It’s something I don’t do enough, so I understand the reluctance. But even with a great experience, had she not told me what to do and how to do it, I might not have taken the action on my own.

So let’s ask.

BTW: Sophy. Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington. NYC.

Now, go sell something!

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