Commitment Starts Here

For sales professionals, everywhere.

My sales process is called “Sell it or Schedule it” because it is my belief, as a seller, and as a performance coach, that there is a specific outcome to achieve that is related to where the buyer is in their buying process. Both the sale and the appointment are commitments – one is for now and the other is for the future – and both are decisions and commitments made by the buyer and driven by the seller. Got that?

What I am becoming acutely aware of, as I discuss (with sellers) getting a commitment from the buyer, is that commitment needs to start with the seller first. The seller needs to be committed to an outcome in each interaction, one that benefits both the buyer and the seller. ACT

At the end of the month, when I am coaching sellers who have not yet made their goal and have a gap between what is ‘expected to close’ and their goal, I am palpably aware of the commitment (or non-commitment) on the part of the seller. The burning, passionate desire to hit their target is either present or it isn’t, and I can’t make it appear, try as I might. The commitment to close and make goal brings a sense of urgency and focus, it changes and drives the conversation, and when it isn’t there, the coaching conversation gets funny: I find myself prompting, convincing, enthusiastically challenging the seller. When I do that, I leave the call frustrated and exhausted by doing all the work and getting either no response or commitment, or pushback and excuses. When I call the seller on their lack of desire to engage in finding solutions and taking actions that will have them achieve their goal I often get push back from that, too.
I invite you to take a look at your sales performance. On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to achieving your targets…really? Where and when – in the sales process or in the month performance – are you apt to ‘give up’ and think getting the sale/appointment or making goals is not going to happen?

As a seller, commitment starts here. Be painfully honest with yourself as you look at your focus, engagement, desire. There is power in the truth here, and the results are a good place to start looking, as the numbers don’t lie.

Now, go sell something.

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