For Sale Managers everywhere…

As the Sales Manager, the success of the team falls squarely on your shoulders. It’s up to you to have a team of performers who can consistently hit their goals so that you can consistently hit YOUR goal. To build consistent performance, the performers need to have consistent actions, and to do that, the sales manager needs to help them craft a structure of actions that they will reliably take. To do that takes time, shutterstock_125888744-300x215patience, effort, engagement, and a knowledge of what actions will produce a particular result.

What I hear from Sales Managers who are not taking those actions is that they don’t want to ‘micromanage’ the salespeople; they don’t want them to feel that they aren’t respected for what they know. Really??? Is it really that? Or are YOU uncomfortable directing your salespeople’s actions? Or is it that you don’t actually know what to tell them to do to improve their close ratio? Or are you unwilling to ‘take an up’ and demonstrate the behavior you want them to execute?

Take a look. It’s only micro-managing when you hound them with specific, ineffective actions that they don’t want to do (which is another conversation). Most salespeople who don’t take the directed actions don’t do so because they don’t know HOW to do them, and would be alleviated by side-by-side training/coaching.

It’s an understandable refrain, it just doesn’t improve anything. You are better than this and your team can perform better than they are currently. And it all starts (and ends) with you.

Now, go help someone to sell something.


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