Interrupting Interactions

For Sales Managers everywhere…

Earlier this month, while working with Furniture Mallrender-image.jpg of Kansas, we hit on something powerful which we jokingly called “Guestus Interruptus”…a smug way of describing a way of interrupting the interaction between the guest/customer and the specialist/salesperson. It has become a lightning rod for performance, and one that requires a level of acquired skill on the salesperson’s part and on the part of the manager.

It can happen a couple of ways:

  1. The salesperson can actively engage the manager in an interaction that is stuck or heading south and the manager can shake things loose, ask pointed questions that might have been missed, and move the customer forward to the sale.
  2. Or, the manager can keep their antennae up and look for opportunities to ‘interrupt’ and see how the interaction is going, and again, ask specific questions to ascertain where the hold up might be and how to create an opening to the sale that the salesperson might be unable to drive themselves.

In either case, it takes an understanding between the manager and salesperson that this is a good thing that will help the process, that will demonstrate actions that the salesperson hasn’t quite developed, that can overcome objections that scare the salesperson, and that almost certainly will help a sale occur that wasn’t going to happen that day.

AND it’s working like crazy!!! Call me to learn more for yourself and your team to make this part of your ‘coaching on the floor’ activity.

Now, go help someone to sell something.



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