Focus on ONE Thing

For Sales Managers, everywhere.

It’s understandable that when faced with the prospect of ‘coming from behind’ in a sales period to make goal, to throw LOTS at the sales team. LOTS to do – “Don’t forget to…” “Make sure you…” “You need to…”

Stop. Breathe. Focus. On ONE thing. One thing that you can measure and observe. One C_Duhigg_Science_of_Focus_CMS-updatething that will have the greatest impact on the greatest number of customers and salespeople. One thing that supports the experience, that aligns with the customer experience, that you communicate. One thing.

To me, that one thing is ‘Thinking with a Pencil’ and sketching. Every customer, every time. It will increase your close ratio and average sale. It will record information to be used when calling unsold opportunities and calling after delivery / installation.

o-HAND-DRAWING-facebookBE a stand for sketching. Talk about it. Demonstrate it. Give salespeople graph paper if they are with a customer and not sketching.

If you focus on too many things, you will get nothing that you can point to that contributed to your success when the goal is achieved. And you will confuse your sales team. Keep it simple. Just one thing.

Now, go help someone sell something.



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