STOP Talking!

For Sales Leaders, everywhere.

In an effort to connect with a new customer, to establish credibility in presenting information, and to overcome objections, most salespeople talk too much. Consider asking yourself this:




As Sharon Drew Morgen said, “The person who talked the most thinks it was a good meeting”…and “The person asking questions is the person controlling the conversation.”
Some salespeople believe “Selling is Telling”…but I am not an advocate of that. I believe that if we find out what’s important to the buyer (yes, by asking “What’s the most important thing about this to you?”) by asking them to “Tell me more about that….” when they raise a question or make a statement. Most salespeople could cut their talking by half and replacing it with questions — questions that come out of being interested and inquisitive — not out of interrogation.

Shhh. Ask. Listen. Repeat.

Now, go sell something.




3 thoughts on “STOP Talking!

  1. Jody,
    I am wondering if you might be interested in writing a column for the ASID New York Metro quarterly magazine DESIGN?

    Glenn Gissler Design: In Pursuit of Design Alchemy

    • Hi Glenn! Thanks for asking and yes, I am interested in writing for the quarterly magazine…can we set up a time to speak more about it? Tomorrow / Friday from 2-5 is good for me.
      Cheers, Jody

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