Selling is a Conversation…

…with an Intention and an Outcome.

As Featured In the ASID Newsletter:

For sale professionals everywhere.

For us to consider that selling is a conversation is a big deal by itself.

But really, that’s what it is. It’s a give and take between two (or more) people with one person driving it. The driving person (the buyer or the seller) may change during the interaction, as the person driving the interaction is the person who is asking the questions (thank you Sharon Drew Morgen) and not the person who is speaking. And the person asking the questions is likely the person who is interested in creating something and is intentional in spirit and focus. With that, they aim to drive the conversation in such a direction by asking and answering questions of qualitative and quantitative value, and by (the seller) utilizing the information gathered.

Asking+questions_f9933b_5664343The intended outcome is the sale, or an appointment to forward the sale by continuing the conversation. This allows for you to decipher what it is that the buyer feels is missing, preventing them from making the purchase then and there. The outcome is a measurable result – either you got the sale or you didn’t, either you scheduled the next step appointment or you didn’t. If the initial interaction ended with ‘send me a proposal’ then the sender needs to know the key motivating factors: time, money, decision makers, competition, etc., and the measurable outcome that the buyer desires – all of which should have been discussed and determined in order for a relevant proposal that’s able to be closed. If the interaction ended with ‘we’ll call you’, then, you missed something vital and this is a brush off.

As sellers, are you ready to engage in a conversation with an intention and and outcome with each prospect? You can measure your preparation by the results you produce. And if you need help doing that, let me know.

Now, go sell something.



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