The Three Wise Men

For retail salespeople and sales managers everywhere

The Three Wise Men are cousins of The Three Ways to Increase Your Business. To remind you, the latter refers to increasing your Traffic/Opportunities, Close Ratio, and Average Sale. If you should take the last one as your target, The Three Wise Men will help you achieve your goal, as they are actions and results directed to either adding on to a ticket and/or to selling higher priced products. While they aren’t necessarily in order, I three-wise-men-english-schoolam putting my favorite first.

Wise Man #1: Sketch the Room with everyone. Find a way to make it a habit for expanding perspective and creating new openings.

Wise Man #2: Protection/Warranty: sell it to everyone. Get familiar with the details of your program and HOW to sell it; either by what it gets the customer or what it helps them avoid. And add a couple of horror stories, for good measure. And lastly, when you price the product for the customer, ALWAYS include it in the total price.

Wise Man #3: Financing: offer it to everyone. As with protection, know the ins and outs of the program and how to offer it. People who pay cash would be paying cash with this, too. And learn how to calculate the payment difference if they did  the whole room now.

Notice your resistance to any of these as it’s getting in the way of you utilizing them as selling tools.

And for all three, the Sales Manager’s participation is extremely helpful in reminding, assisting, and making these habits for the salespeople.

Remember, your job is to make it easy for the customer to buy. These will help you to do that – and to Increase your Average Sale.

Now, go sell something.



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