Sketching Checklist

For salespeople and sales managers, everywhere…

A couple of months ago, I was having a coaching conversation with Sarah Scott of Furniture Mall of Kansas. She’s a rock star with whom I have had the good fortune to watch blossom in the last few years. Since she does ‘check in / check out’ one onxlogo.png.pagespeed.ic.7Npaa-hBVW ones with her sales team members, we were discussing what a RICH sketch should contain. In essence, what a sales manager should be looking for on a sketch that would indicate that an intentional, directed conversation had occurred and had resulted in something (as in: a sale or an appointment). From that conversation I created this checklist, that I lovingly share with you.

These should be present and not necessarily in this order:

  • Checklist for Sketching…on graph paper or iPad graph app. These should be present and not necessarily in this order:
    • Clearly identified the Problem to be solved.
    • Wrote Key Words and Phrases that customer used to:
      Identify problem (ex., worn, uncomfortable)
      Describe desired solution (ex., easy to clean, can sit 6 people comfortably)
    • Determined the Motivating Factors / Sense of Urgency ….”Why NOW?”
    • SKETCHED the space AS IT IS. Made notes of present and future needs, possibly ‘phased’ the room and the purchases. Current room information.
    • Recorded ANSWERS to ALL of the B-A-D-A-S
    • Identified specific items for future purchases.
    • Determined outcome: Buy Today? Scheduled appointment Today for Tomorrow?
    • Got Contact Information:
      – Name
      – Phone / cell phone number….best number to reach?
      – Email address

As a Sales Manager – So that you know what to look for, what dots to connect, how to relate results to what they salesperson gathered in the Discovery phase.
As a Sales Professional – So that you have a repository of information to help you to close now, for more $$ to help you schedule an appointment and close tomorrow, to give the prospective customer homework, to close on the phone if they need to go home and measure, and so that you are unable to overcome that objection with a sketch, as well as being able to close for more in the room when you call after delivery.

It’s my early Holiday Present to you. Enjoy. : )

Now, go sell something,


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